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It's Official!

AIMHI opened its doors today, 1 Aug 2020 to the new fully integrative functional medicine practice.   We are the only integrative medical practice in the Moreton Bay area.  At AIMHI, we focus on a holistic, complementary model of medicine that focuses on and prioritizes health and wellness, rather than disease.  We will no longer see regular GP patients and will work with our current patients to find them new medical homes if they want to.  Come see us and lets work on a healthier happier YOU 


Come Paleo With ME

We will continue to support our CPWM family in their journey to wellness and weight loss.  As part of our new model of care, patients can expect to see the doctor, discuss their dietary and wellness needs and then have a 15min workout on our gym equipment, supervised by the doctor.  We put our money where our mouth is.  We WILL help you achieve wellness and weight loss.  No gimmicks or tricks.

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Located in Burpengary 

  • Integrative Women's Health

  • Integrative Men's Health

    • Erectile Dysfunction​

    • Male andropause

  • Integrative Sexual Health

  • Pediatric Mental Health

  • Integrative Mental Health

  • Integrative Pain Management 

    • PRP and K-laser

    • Prolotherapy and Acupressure

    • CBD assessment

  • Integrative Wound care

  • Skin Cancer Checks

  • Medical Aesthetics

    • Hair regrowth

    • Neurotoxin

    • Filler and more


Functional Medicine

  • A tailored experience to help you manage your wellness goals. 


  • We utilize both holistic and conventional medical therapies to manage all your medical issues. 

  • Functional Medicine

    • Root cause analysis​

    • Root cause release

    • Comprehensive pathology analysis


  • Health coaching services

    • Lifestyle change managment 

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  • New patients for functional medicine

  • Telehealth and Video consults available

AIMHI Provides 

Top Quality integrative care to our Clients

Integrative Medical Services

Medical Team
Extended Care

Agyeman Integrative Medical Health Institute offers holistic modalities that include rehabilitation of the mind, body, and soul in service of good health.


We AIM HIGH  to offer you personalized health care to suit your needs and lifestyle. We work with our patients to develop a plan that gets their health back on track through integrative methods, including health coaching and stress management. 

Our staff are dedicated to your health and wellbeing.

Tracey, our PM is a fully qualified hypnotherapist, meditation and wellness expert.

We offer Telehealth services, that allow patients to consult with the doctor from the comfort of their home. Extended hours are available. You can also book with us online through HotDoc

*Professional MEDICAL Aesthetics  Care through our sister clinic - SkinUrIn *

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31 Glorious Drive, Burpengary QLD 4505

Tel: 07 3185 1769

Fax: 07 3112 4329

Monday - Wednesday 9:30- 6:00 pm       

 Saturday - Sunday 12:00 pm -6:00 pm

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