Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is highly personalised and patient centred which focuses on education for lifestyle changes tailored specifically for each person. Functional Medicine is a systems-oriented medical approach that identifies and understands the underlying cause or root causes of a disease.

A thorough session designed to understand the root cause is explored as Dr Agyeman  uncovers your medical history in detail considering social, work, family milieu with an integrative medical approach. An integrative approach is to treat the person as an individual, and not just treat the presenting dis-ease. Together, we develop management plans to combat these issues for better health outcomes.

Functional medicine is understanding the biochemical individuality of each patient which  can lead to the underlying causes of disease and therefore, the prevention of additional health risks in the future. Sometimes, individual genetic and environmental research is conducted to obtain a deeper knowledge of your health status.

Functional medicine strives to determine the root cause of each and every disease, particularly chronic diseases such as:

  1. autoimmune

  2. endocrine diseases ie Thyroid disease

  3. cardiovascular disease

  4. diabetes

  5. chronic pain

  6. celiac disease

  7. gut dysfunction and IBS  

  8. Plus Mental Health anxiety and depression