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Come Paleo with Me


june 1, 2020

We are well into our 24-week paleo challenge and have welcomed some new Paleo warriors this month.  We have suffered through the challenges and for some of us beaten the cravings to emerge stronger on the other side.  The battle is not over...the gains have been evident in the weight and inches lost this month.  Congratulations to all who persevered to this stage of the process and to those who stopped, come on back.  Weight loss and good health is a life-long journey that begins with making that single commitment to CHANGE.  We are here to help you succeed.  Paleo on!

A coach and a champion

We provide health coaching services to patients who are struggling to stay on the journey to health, helping you overcome excuses, distractions and stay connected to your reason for seeking health.  

During a visit, we discuss motivations, explore underlying self defeating behaviors, thoughts and ideas, and help you commit and stay focused on succeeding at your health goal, be it weight loss, lifestyle change, stopping smoking or conquering addictions.  

Studies have consistently shown that accountability improves success.  Consider us your personal trainer for health and vitality.  Inquire about our health coaching privately billed services.

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Nutritional Medicine


We provide nutritional counselling to help you to undertake healthy lifestyle habits that increase your energy and vitality.

We can test for any food allergies/intolerances, and look at your overall diet, antecedents, toxic habits and stressors, and work with you to make changes that you can easily implement to improve your wellbeing. 


AIMHI can help you to change your life for the better, even if you have found it difficult to make sustainable change in the past, or have tried many health programs and diets previously. 

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