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At AIMHI we provide detailed health counselling services tailored to your unique health needs. We work with you to keep you healthy and reduce ill health. We improve your health, your immunity and your body’s response to chronic illness. We help you to understand and change any behaviours that are not promoting wellness in your life.

Very few people are aware of the health cost of our modern

lifestyle - high stress, lack of adequate sleep, poor nutrition and bad habits all contribute to illness.  Exploring how making small significant changes in these factors can help you gain better health, improve your energy and decrease weight gain is a key component of our approach to wellness and a service we offer in our health coaching service.

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Our Services

  • General Medical care

  • Paediatric care

  • Health Management

  • Driver Licensing Physicals, Workers Comp , etc. 

  • Mental Health 

  • Chronic pain, Musculoskeletal Joint injections with PRP ( K-Laser ) and photodynamic therapy  ( partially covered by Medicare)

  • Nutritional counselling, and Health coaching (Non-Bulk Bill, Fee Applies)

  • Functional Medicine assessments and treatments (Non-Bulk Bill, Fee Applies)

  • Cosmetic Medical therapies such as Botox, Dermal Fillers, Acne treatment etc.( Non-Bulk Bill, Fee Applies )

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