Come Paleo with me

Updated: May 30

We are 2 weeks away from starting our ultimate 24-week Paleo challenge. Many AIMHI patients have come to me asking about how to lose weight, feel better, stop the aches and pains so I decided to start a 6 month free challenge to help you jumpstart your health. Even better, our practice team will be doing this challenge with you. For the next 6 months, starting from June 1, we are GOING PALEO!

We will be posting yummy weekly recipes, shopping lists, smoothie and snack ideas for you to help you get started on this journey. If you are eat gluten-free, please join us anyway and post gluten-free versions of what we showcase as well to share your journey with us.

Before June 1, there will be a initial weigh-in and baseline bloodwork done. Please do not miss this critical initial step as we will do monthly weigh-ins measuring skin thickness and inches lost and repeat bloodwork at 3 months and 6 months to track your progress. We invite you to post before/during and after photographs as we share our successes together.

This Paleo-thon is open to everyone, so invite friends and family to join in. They can get the baseline weigh-in and bloodwork done with their own GPs and email it to us so we can track the winner of the prize at the end of the 24 week challenge.

What can you expect at the end of this Paleo-thon:

  1. significant weight loss

  2. reduction in blood pressure

  3. reduction in medications

  4. decreased aches and pains

  5. increase in energy

  6. improved mood

  7. better sleep

We are doing this the easy way. You may choose to exercise or not. If you do, post your experience and results on the Come Paleo with Me Facebook page so we can learn from you.

This is meant to be fun, so no meanness or judgement, only love and support to all participant as we make this lifestyle change.


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