K-laser - the next thing in pain management

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Offering a paradigm shift in pain management, we present the Cube 4 Plus by K-laser. AIMHI, is one of a handful medical centres in Queensland and Australia to offer the state of the art in management of musculoskeletal problems with our Cube 4 Laser. Extensive research and lots of clinical trial data delivers this cutting edge European designed laser to expand non-surgical options for pain and injury management in musculoskeletal medicine. This little device has shown great utility in getting injured athletes, both pro and casual, back to playing sports without the need for surgery, long downtime, loss of conditioning and income. K-laser is useful in a multitude of musculoskeletal conditions - see image above.

If taking medication long-term is not to your liking, or you would like to explore your options to defer surgery and consider alternatives to managing a multitude of injuries, talk to your medical doctor at AIMHI about K-laser therapy.

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