Mood, Energy and the Holistic you.

Many patients see me for chronic fatigue, mood disorders and hormone problems. For some, PCOS may be the issue, others may be perimenopausal and for others still, depression, anxiety and stress may be the issue.

It is important to understand that our stressful daily lives can cause nutrient deficiencies that impair metabolic processes in the body. Although the average Western diet is replete with nutrients, often times in excess as is borne out by the obesity epidemic, a myriad of toxic exposures create nutrient imbalances and deficiencies. Poor dietary choices, exposure to food toxins, chemicals from cooking and eating in plastics, working in toxic environments all create a toxic burden on the body. Much of this pre-disease and overt disease state can be ameliorated with judicious use of vitamins and amino acids which act as substrates to prevent the problems stated above.

So how do we address some of these at root cause.

At a minimum, I advocate IV nutrient therapies aimed at repleting losses/deficiencies (often exacerbated by gut dysbiosis, SIBO and poor gut absorption, followed by oral supplementation protocols which address supplementation of cofactors/precursors that rebalance your body and replenish ongoing losses.

A good well-balanced supplementation protocol might look like this:

  • a GREAT multivitamin (including adequate Vit Bs and C.) (They are not all created equal!)

  • A good mineral complex ( I have my preferences to reduce # of pills taken daily)

  • A good source of omega 3/6 with no contaminants (dose and ratios do matter)

  • HTP, Methionine and Tyrosine precursors/supplements to address mood/neurotransmitter balance and other supplements based on patient condition and acuity.

This approach combined with changing nutritional habits, sleeping well for at least 8-10h nightly, drinking at least 1.5L of WATER daily (not cola, juices, or coffee) should address most of the pre-medical conditions and optimize your health even if you have chronic disease.

Book an appointment with your friendly Dr. A. to discuss more about how natural options can address your mood, anxiety, weight gain, endocrine and chronic disease issues.

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