Workplace Pain - Shoulders

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Temporary pain can lead to permanent problems for your health and mental wellbeing. Your performance at work, home, and even your relationships can be affected by untreated physical pain.

One of the biggest problem areas for pain occurs in your shoulders.

Construction and retail workers are more likely to suffer from chronic shoulder pain.

The risk of injury is higher for this area, as your shoulders perform tasks that often require heavy lifting and repetitive movement above the shoulders. Overhead activities, such as nailing, hammering, or carrying heavy items, will apply extreme pressure to the shoulders and neck. When you reach overhead, you are simultaneously pulling your arms above your head and shoulders further behind your back, causing immense strain in both regions. Performing this motion too often causes muscle spasms and inflammation of the tendon.

How to Treat Shoulder Pain-

1. Shoulder exercises. Performing exercises are a great way to strengthen and stretch your muscles. Shoulder rolls and forward stretches are quick ways to warm up the muscles and release tension.

2. Maintain a healthy diet. Avoid artificial toxins and fuel your body with healthy nutrients. Limit or eliminate smoking as it effects the blood flow to the shoulder.

3. Apply heat. Putting heat, such as a hot pack or warm bottle, helps to loosen tight muscles. At AIMHI, we also offer an excellent heat therapy treatment known as K-Laser that uses a heated laser to target inflammation and promote the circulation of oxygen in the body.

If you experience prolonged pain, stiffness, or weakness, contact a doctor.

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