Zen's Budget Paleo Tip #1

Updated: May 30

Eating fresh fruit and vegetables doesn’t have to be expensive. My partner and I have found some local(ish) fruit and veg shops that offer amazing fresh produce at even more amazing prices.

Our favourites are Cabbage Patch Discount Grocer in Deagon, and T-Bones Fresh Food Market in Aspley. We check their Facebook pages regularly to find the best deals. I kid you not, we got sweet potatoes and pumpkins for 0.9 cents a kilo!

Another option is Charlie’s Fruit Market in Everton Park. Whilst this may be further away, they also offer to deliver bulk boxes / weekly boxes, which may be a great option for those who are still self -isolating or are unable to drive.

We split our shop between these grocery stores for our fresh produce, and ALDI for our

pantry and freezer staples. Occasionally I’ll go to Coles or Woolworths for certain things, like Hemp protein, coconut sugar, specials on soy milk etc or even the Health Shop in Westfield, North Lakes or Morayfield Shopping Centre for things like coconut flour, or if they have sales.

Basically, have a look online and see what is on special where, and plan your shop accordingly for the best value. Also check your local fruit market to see if they have good specials or offer home delivery.

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